The Australian Space Council's Five Year Plan has identified that there is potential to develop the capability of Australian industry to participate in the provision of communications, environmental monitoring, public safety and other services using small satellites. To help take advantage of these opportunities, funds of up to $A5 million dollars over three years may be made available towards a project to identify an appropriate service and design and construct all or the major portion of a satellite capable of contributing to such a service.

Expressions of Interest are sought from appropriate consortia, which it is expected would include a user agency, service provider and aerospace industry organisation. Expressions of interest should be no longer than 6 pages and might consider matters such as commercial potential/viability; contribution towards the public good; maximisation of Australian involvement; international collaboration; proposed level of funding contribution; proposed ground segment and launch arrangements. An Information Paper is available from the Australian Space Office at the address below. Organisations are required to submit Expressions of Interest no later than close of business on 15 February 1995.

     Chris Deacon
     Director Space Communications
     Australian Space Office
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