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High-Speed High-Precision Piezo Actuators for Nanotechnology

Santosh Devasia*

Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah
This is an abstract for a poster to be presented at the Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.

The present work addresses one of the most critical problems that prohibit the application of scanning-probe-microscope-based nanofabrication techniques in a non-research setting: low scanning-speed, which leads to extremely low throughputs when working with nano-structures. The long term goal of the P.I.'s research effort, is to improve the access-speeds of Scanning Probe Microscope-based (SPM-based) nanotechnologies. Present research is aimed at modeling of higher order dynamics of the piezo, including the modeling of nonlinear hysteresis effects using Preisach models, and parameter identification to account for model-variations like piezo-aging. These models are to be integrated with a recently developed nonlinear inversion approach (a) to improve precision in scanning and (b) to increase the achieved scan-rates. By increasing the throughput of Scanning-probe-microscope-based (SPM-based) techniques, this research will enable nanotechnologies to become economically viable. The present research, aimed at improving the speed of piezo-probes (used as scanners in SPMs), is critical to the success of ongoing, complementary efforts of other researchers, that are aimed at improving the efficacy of the scanning-probe-based processes like (a) the development precision feedback and novel positioning stages, and (b) the increase of parallelism in the process (to increase throughput). Thus, in conjunction with these complementary efforts, the research aims to improve speed and precision of present nanotechnology.

*Corresponding Address:
Santosh Devasia, Assistant Professor
University of Utah, Mechanical Engineering Department
50 S, Campus Center Drive, RM 2202, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9208
Tel: 801 581 4613, Fax: 801 585 9826, email:
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