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Waves of Charge Density in Hybrid Molecular - Semiconductor Structures

Y.B. Gaididei and V.Y. Chekh*

National Technical University of Ukraine

This is an abstract for a poster to be presented at the Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.

One of the key problems for the developing of future molecular information processing devices is the problem of interface, i.e. how to make real time information exchange with the molecular processors. We assume that one of the most prospect directions is to create molecular devices which could process information by controlled dynamic structures and nonlinear waves because these phenomenae are the macroeffects and could be complexly indicated and controlled in real time.

One possible variant of the design of such a molecular processor with optic information input is submitted here. We propose to immobilize the Langmuir-Blodgett film of donor - mediator chain - acceptor molecular chains on doped semiconductor structure which to be the substrate of the processor. The acceptor moleculae must contact with the substrate, the donor ones have to be covered with thin transparent metal (Au) film. It is proved that different types of autowave processes and/or stationary spatially heterogeneous structures could be obtained in such structures if the electron-conformation interaction in donor and acceptor moleculae is enough strong. External voltage applies to molecular film through metal and semiconductor to provide feedback in the electric circuit of the system; autowave processes could be initialized and controlled by optic pump of donor moleculae through transparent metal cover.

It is shown what profiles of doping of semiconductor substrate are optimum for creation of different types of autowaves. The scheme of natural experience to observe the dynamics of voltage changing and propagation of autowaves of charge density in such structures has been proposed.

The potential computing power of such a molecular processor has been estimated (we do not discuss in detail the algorithms possible to be implemented in autowave molecular processors as well as their current soft- and hardware implementation because they are out of the frames of the present message). Some problems which could be actual for the design of the proposed device, for previous investigations and for design of computing systems which is this processor included in are discussed.

*Corresponding Address:
Victor Yu. Chekh,16 Polytechnichna Str., Design Office "Storm", National Technical University of Ukraine 252056 Kiev, Ukraine, ph: +038-044-274-0295, fax : +038-044-274-1015, email :
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