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Nano-Scale Control and Detection of Electric Dipoles in Organic Molecules

K. Matsushige*, H. Yamada, H. Tanaka, Y. Yoshida and T. Horiuchi

Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, Kyoto, 606-01 Japan

This is an abstract for a poster to be presented at the Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology. The full paper is now available.

Ferroelectric materials can be utilized to construct super high-density molecular memory. In this study, the nano-scale polarization switching and detection in ferroelectric organic molecules was succeeded by using an scanning probe microscopy (SPM) technique. The dipole switching was achieved by applying an electric voltage to the P(VDF/TrFE) film spin-coated on Pt substrate, and the local polarization domains were detected by the piezoelectric vibration, the amplitude and phase of which were measured using a lock-in amplifier. The piezoelectric response image revealed that several domain regions could be formed within a small crystallite of about 200 nm in length. These facts suggest that the reversible molecular memory with super high-density can be constructed. Moreover, it was revealed that ultra-thin films with dipole orientation could be formed directly by the vacuum evaporation under a dc electric field.

*Corresponding address:
Professor Kazumi Matsushige, Director of Kyoto-University Venture Business Laboratory
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-01 Japan
ph: +81-75-753-5308, fax: +81-75-753-7570, E-mail:
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