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1997 Foresight Conference

Panel on "How?"

When: Thursday November 6th, 4:00 to 5:00

(schedule revised October 28, 1997)

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The original title was "How to make stuff," but we shortened it.

Al Globus Jim Gimzewski
Bill Goddard
Ralph Merkle
Ned Seeman
Rick Smalley

Developing a technology that lets us inexpensively arrange atoms the way we want is likely to be hard and take some time: the primary focus of the field has shifted to how we go about doing this. The hope is that the panel will reflect the diverse approaches towards this common objective, and illuminate their relative strengths as well as the opportunities for hybrid methods. And that the panelists and the audience will enjoy themselves hugely, and everyone will come away with a better understanding of what needs to be done!

Basic format: Following introductory remarks by Al, each panelist will have five minutes for an opening statement. We'll then throw the panel open for questions from the audience (and from the panelists).

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