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1997 Foresight Conference

Presenter Information for the 5th Foresight Conference on MNT

Preliminary Draft, November25, 1996

Abstracts of Conference Presentations

An html template (draft) for preparing an abstract

Preparation of Conference Papers


WARNING: This page uses the <sup> and <sub> convention for superscripts and subscripts. If "103" is the same as "103" then your browser does not support superscripts. If "xi" is the same as "xi" then your browser does not support subscripts. Failure to support superscripts or subscripts can lead to confusion in the following text, particularly in interpreting exponents.

A sample html template (draft) for preparing a full paper is available.

Submission of Papers

Papers should be submitted by email to Figures should be submitted as attached GIF or JPEG files; html should be sent as an attached text document (alternatively it may be included in the body of the email message). Files can also be sent as standard attached compressed archives (such as .sit or .Z).

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