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New Matching Grant to Fund Computer for
Interactive 3D Tour of the Nanoscale World

Goal Reached!

September 22, 1997. Thanks to all contributors for making this success possible.

Plans for an Interactive 3D Graphics Tour of the Molecular-Scale World

Foresight has begun working with a state-of-the-art televirtuality company named E-Spaces to produce an interactive 3D graphics tour of the molecular-scale world, working our way from looking at diamond and buckyballs, to spelling our names using atoms moved by a virtual STM, to controlling the spin rate of a bearing, to being able to move around the new fine-motion controller to explore its six degrees of freedom.

E-Spaces has offered to do this work for Foresight at very low cost, but to sustain this project we need to recruit additional Senior Associates, and we need to get one new computer at a cost of $2000. Fortunately one of our newer Senior Associates, recruited during our recent matching grant campaign, has stepped forward to kick off this project by contributing half the funds necessary for the computer as a matching grant ...

Donor Pledges $1,000 Matching Grant

Follow our progress

Foresight Senior Associate Wayne Smith has pledged up to $1,000 to match, dollar for dollar, gifts toward the new computer for Foresight's interactive 3D web development program. To qualify for the matching grant, contributions must be designated for this purpose and separate from regular membership contributions or Senior Associate pledges.

If more than $1000 is raised for the purchase of the computer, the additional funds will go to support the web development effort. To further support the on-going web development effort, become a Senior Associate or increase the level of your annual pledge.

Progress Towards Meeting the Matching Grant

DateGifts ReceivedNeeded for
Matching Grant
March 19$200.00$800.00
April 22$250.00$750.00
May 16$500.00$500.00
September 15 $700.00 $300.00
September 22 $1000.00 Goal Reached!

Many thanks to those who contributed.

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