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Generous Foresight Senior
Associate Pledges Matching Grant

Donor Pledges $40,000 Matching Grant

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A generous Foresight Senior Associate has pledged up to $40,000 in matching grants for new Foresight Senior Associates and increased donations by current Senior Associates. To achieve the maximum match, we need at least 80 new Senior Associates or increased giving by current Senior Associates by January 31, 1997. Donors can achieve maximum tax benefits by making their donations before Dec. 31, 1996, since they will be able to take the deduction against 1996 income taxes instead of waiting a year.

The campaign was a success and all pledged matching funds have been attained by the deadline! Feb. 4, 1997.

Details of Matching Grant Announced by Eric Drexler

In the following excerpt from his curent newsletter to Senior Associates, Eric Drexler announced the details of the matching grant pledged by a generous donor to Foresight.
Before launching into this report I need to bring you a last minute news bulletin. One of our Foresight Senior Associates has stepped forward to make a challenge grant. This individual is prepared to provide a $5000 matching grant for every ten new Senior Associates Foresight can obtain between now and the end of January, up to a $40,000 maximum. This matching will also apply to any one-time donation of cash or stock of $100 or more before that date. It will also apply to upgrades on any Senior Associate memberships that occur in that period.

This means for every new Foresight Senior Associate dollar donated between now and the end of January, the organization will get two more immediately. Foresight is quite excited about this, and I encourage those of you who are able to take advantage of this opportunity to make your new donation dollars go three times as far as they otherwise would.

This is also a great excuse to rope in those pals of yours who have been goofing off and not getting their paperwork in to become Senior Associates. We will of course be hosting news updates on our progress toward this goal on our web site. We'll even have countdowns to show how many more we need to trigger the next matching grant.

... PS. Due to the matching grant, now is the time to act, if you've been considering upgrading your senior associate membership or pulling a friend into the program. Those of your who have made it big through a startup might consider donating stock--I understand this results in a big tax savings over donations of cash. Remember the deadline is January 31. And of course for those of you looking for a tax deduction in 1996, that deadline is December 31. Thanks again.

How the Matching Grant Works

Becoming a Senior Associate

The campaign was a success and all pledged matching funds have been attained by the deadline! Feb. 4, 1997.

Progress Towards Meeting the Matching Grant

As of January 17, 1997 - Past the 80% mark!!!

January 21, 1997 - Fortunately we are now a little under 80% because:

Second Donor Pledges Additional Matching Grant!!

A second anonymous donor Pledged an additional $5,000. This donation creates a new target of $45,000.

The final tally will not be available until next week because Foresight will be accepting contributions mailed by Jan. 31 that are not received until next week.
Number of DonationsDollars
Dollars Earned
New Pledges115131$12,250.00$24,500.00
Increase toN/A110$750.00$1,500.00
One-time Donations 18$9,802.86$19,605.72
Totals as ofDec. 31, 1996$3,000.00$6,000.00
Jan. 13, 1997$5,062.86$10,125.72
Jan. 17, 1997$16,062.86$32,125.72
Feb. 4, 1997$22,802.86$45,000.00
Matching Grant
Yet To Be Earned
For the original $40,000 target:GOAL PASSED!!
For the new $45,000 target:GOAL PASSED!!
Yet Needed
For the original target: GOAL PASSED!!
For the new target: GOAL PASSED!!

1New Pledges includes pledges from those who are not currently Senior Associates and pledges from current Senior Associates nearing the end of their first 5-year pledge who are pledging a second 5-year membership term.

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