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The People of the Foresight Institute

Preparing for nanotechnology

Board of Advisors

Board of Directors

Stewart Brand
Global Business Network

James Dinkelacker, Ph.D.
Netscape Communications Corp.

Doug Engelbart, Ph.D.
Bootstrap Institute
Prof. Arthur Kantrowitz
Dartmouth College

Prof. Marvin Minsky

Peter Schwartz
Global Business Network

K. Eric Drexler, Ph.D.

James C. Bennett

Ralph C. Merkle, Ph.D.

Officers and Staff

Executive Director:
Chris Peterson
Update Editor:
Lew Phelps

Graphic Designer:
Marcia Seidler

Media Relations:
Ed Niehaus/Lew Phelps
Office Manager:
Tanya Jones

Membership Services:
Elaine Tschorn

European Representative:
Philippe Van Nedervelde
Database Project:
Carol Shaw

Web Enhancement Project:
Terry Stanley

James Lewis, Ph.D.

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