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Preparing for nanotechnology

Established to prepare for nanotechnology

The Foresight Institute was established in 1986 to help society prepare for nanotechnology. To accomplish this, the Institute issues regular publications and briefings, convenes conferences, provides speakers and fosters a dialog on the potential benefits and possible dangers emergent from molecular manufacturing and nanotechnology.

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Foresight is a 501(c)3 public foundation; contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S. as permitted by law.

Why support the Foresight Institute's goals?

Consider the goals you most care about and have supported in the past: perhaps these included health, space settlement, life extension, the environment, education, liberty, peace, or ending poverty. If the Foresight effort succeeds--if we win through and gain the benefits of future technologies such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence--we'll have formidable new tools to use in pursuing these goals. But if we fail--if we meet these powerful technologies unprepared and face disaster--what other successes will matter?

Why support this group in particular?

No other orgnization of any kind is working to prepare for the combination of advanced technologies we see on the horizon. FI brings together the most advanced thinkers on these subjects (including you, if you care to join) to debate these problems, find solutions, and inform the public. FI's success can radically improve the chances that we as a species (and you as an individual) will survive and benefit from the arrival of these new technologies in the coming years. But to be ready when these technologies arrive, we must lay the groundwork now.

How will contributions be used?

An invitation to participate

We invite you to participate in these exciting developments. Through your Foresight membership you are kept abreast of the latest advances in nanotechnology and you have the opportunity to influence future directions. Nanotechnology is still near the starting point; your actions today can significantly affect the path nanotechnology will follow.

Your support is needed now

Your support is needed now for several reasons: advances in molecular nanotechnology are accelerating, and Foresight is expanding to keep pace. An annual contribution of $35 or more brings you a print subscription to our publications Foresight Update, various background and briefing papers, quarterly email announcements, and an annual membership in the Foresight Institute.

Thank you for participating in this important effort. As always, your tax-deductible (in the U.S.) contribution to the Foresight Institute is vital and appreciated.

Membership Donation Form

Donations may be made by VISA, MasterCard, check or international money order valid in the U.S. Make checks payable to "Foresight Institute"; checks and bank drafts must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank. Donations with payment by credit card may be faxed, or you may use a secure server for on-line donation.
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