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Technical Positions

Staff Positions available in a Molecular Nanotechnology Startup Company

During the 1997 Senior Associates Gathering, Senior Associate Jim Von Ehr announced the formation of Zyvex, the first molecular nanotechnology development company, which has the mission to develop the first assembler. Zyvex is now hiring. Openings exist for:

Staff Positions available in a new Nanoscale Technology company (nanostructures, nanoelectronics, quantum computing, molecular modelling)

Oxford Nanotechnology is a new research and development company based in Oxford, U.K. Our research specialty is into the use of ion beams to create nanostructures, but we also have interests in nano-scale electronic architecture, quantum computing and other nanotechnology research. We are currently looking to expand our operations, and to employ a number of staff research scientists. If you are interested in working for Oxford Nanotechnology, please send a resume, as well as any other information that might be pertinent, to:
Dr David Howie
Oxford Nanotechnology
Oxford Centre for Innovation, Mill Street
Oxford OX2 0JX

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Non-Technical Positions

None at this time

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