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Foresight Debate with Scientific American

Overview of the Debate

During 1996 a debate about nanotechnology was conducted between Foresight Institute and Scientific American magazine. This debate is noteworthy for how the World Wide Web made possible a detailed response to a published article. The overview of this debate on nanotechnology provides a summary of the debate and links to the individual documents. For the most recent result, see SciAm correction. See also the article in Foresight Update 24 and the article in Foresight Update 25.

A recent addition to the discussion is "TOO HARD?", an editorial by Stanley Schmidt published in the January 1997 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

In April, 1997, an article on the Scientific American Web site hailed computational nanotechnology research done at NASA Ames Research Center.

June 1997, a post on sci.nanotech: "SciAm Now Advertising Nanotech"

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