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The Senior Associates Program
and the 1996 Senior Associates Gathering

A letter from Dr. K. Eric Drexler prepared prior to the 1996 Gathering

(which also explains why you should become a Senior Associate and be ready to participate in the 1997 Gathering)

Dear Foresight members and friends,

There are lots of good reasons to become a Senior Associate, such as receiving the quarterly Senior Associate Letter -- the inside news on nanotechnology -- that I enjoy preparing for the group. But if you haven't gotten around to joining yet, there's a good reason to do so immediately: this year's Senior Associate Gathering will be by far the best yet. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Over the Oct. 18-20 weekend, Senior Associates will be doing technical theorizing, nanotech timing estimates, and hard-core socializing as we look back at what we've accomplished and forward to what's ahead. As a new Senior Associate, you'll join this community, celebrate the past with us, and participate in building the future.

The top reasons for attending this year's Senior Associate Gathering: And between meetings? Now that second-generation Web software such as HyperWave is available, Senior Associates will soon be able to interact year-round, continuing our structured discussions and debates non-stop.

I hope to see you at this year's meeting -- and every one from now on.

With best wishes,

K. Eric Drexler
Chairman, Foresight Institute

P.S. Chris asked me to mention that there's a limit to the number of new Senior Associates we can accommodate at this year's Gathering, so if you'd like to attend, she asks that you get your sign-up form in right away.


To share in what happened at the Gathering, see the report in Update 27.

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