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Senior Associates Program


Supporting Vital Research and Education

The Senior Associates Program has been established to provide steady support for the research projects of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, and for the education and communication projects of the Foresight Institute, enabling long-term planning and commitments, and providing seed money for new efforts.

The Senior Associates Program supports vital research and education in molecular nanotechnology. It enables individuals to play a key role in advancing this technology and its responsible use through their individual or corporate contributions.

Benefits of Membership:

Special Newsletters and Online Interactions

Benefits of becoming a Senior Associate include special publications, and online interaction. Senior Associates will, for example, beta-test Foresight's Web Enhancement debate software.

Since the inception of the Senior Associate program in 1992, Senior Associates have received a quarterly special newsletter from the desk of Eric Drexler detailing "state of development" nanotechnology news and activities. During the past 12 months, Senior Associates received Letter #12 in this series in December of 1995, #13 in March of 1996, #14 in June of 1996, #15 in September of 1996, and most recently #16 (December, 1996).

Special Meetings and Networking Opportunities

One of the most valuable benefits of being a Senior Associate is the opportunity to participate in yearly gatherings with other Senior Associates. Eric Drexler explains why in a letter he wrote prior to the October 1996 Senior Associates Gathering. Additional information about the 1996 Gathering is contained in articles in Update 26 and Update 27. This year, a "mini-gathering" was held May 2-4.

One purpose of the program and of these meetings is to assist Senior Associates in getting their nanotechnology startups funded and staffed. For example, at the May 1997 Gathering, Senior Associate Jim Von Ehr announced the formation of Zyvex, the first molecular nanotechnology development company, which has the mission to develop the first assembler. Jim further announced that he is now hiring.

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Information about earlier Senior Associate Gatherings can be found in articles in Update 19, Update 20, and Update 22.

Additional perspectives on the Senior Associate program can be found in articles in Update 16 and in Update 17.


By pledging an annual contribution of $250 to $5,000 a year for five years, Senior Associates join those most committed to making a difference in nanotechnology.

Support at this level is an invaluable contribution to the research and education programs of the Foresight family of organizations and to the responsible development of molecular nanotechnology. Senior Associates thus should consider themselves to be making an outstanding contribution to our shared human future--because they are.

Senior Associates choose to participate at one of four levels:
Each Senior Associate receives a number with his or her rank indicating when he or she joined the program. The names of Senior Associates will be permanently recorded to help historians understand the special people who made it possible to foresee and shape a technological revolution at a time when most leaders had at best a dim conception of the challenges ahead.

Senior Associates can upgrade their rank at any time by making a pledge at a higher level.

Foresight is a nonprofit foundation; donations are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the full extent permitted by law. Donations can be made by check from a U.S. bank, postal money order, VISA, or Mastercard. Credit card donations may be sent by fax.

To contribute and become a Senior Associate of the Foresight Institute, obtain a donation form on the Foresight Institute World Wide Web site, call 415-917-1121, fax 415-917-1123, or email

Information and an application for the Senior Associate Program of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing is available at their web site.

Application Form

Senior Associate membership donations may be made by VISA, MasterCard, check or international money order valid in the U.S. Make checks payable to "Foresight Institute"; checks and bank drafts must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank. Donations with payment by credit card may be faxed, or you may use a secure server for on-line donation.

For more information about the Senior Associates Program, or to become a Senior Associate, phone 415-917-1121.

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