Space Development Advocates Endorse Nanotechnology


Contact:  David Brandt  					For Immediate Release 	     
	    (202) 543-1900

WASHINGTON, November 14 - The National Space Society (NSS), the world's premier space development advocacy organization, and the Foresight Institute, the world's premier organization dealing with information on nanotechnology and advocacy of nanotechnology research, are pleased to announce the release of the NSS position paper on space and molecular nanotechnology.

This is the first public position paper looking at the implications of nanotechnology for a specific field of activity--the development and settlement of space. It is also the first applications paper published by an organization other than those directly involved in nanotechnology. This publication marks the advent of public interest groups looking at the implications of nanotechnology for short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning.

The report includes a set of recommendations for action regarding what to do about nanotechnology. NSS is pleased to note this because it demonstrates that NSS, of all the space development organizations, has the most comprehensive and forward-looking understanding of the impact of space on the future, and of future technologies on space. Foresight Institute welcomes this because in its opinion all organizations looking at long-term implications and long-term planning will soon need to take nanotechnology into account, even in short-term recommendations. NSS is leading the way in this endeavor.

For further information, contact the National Space Society at 202-543-1900, email or Foresight Institute at 415-917-1122, email<>.

(NOTE TO EDITORS: A copy of the position paper