Thomas J. Toth-Fejel

Welcome to my home page! I earned it by scanning in an old book from NASA, Advanced Automation for Space Missions. Advanced? It so ancient that it was written before word processors and PCs! I've seen a typewriter once. Can you believe that Mr. Freitas typed it out on "pretty blue IBM Selectric"? (whatever that is).

Here is a picture of Fudge, my first robot. I built him myself for the Northside School Special Interest Fair. The arms twirl around because of a car window motor. And the eyes light up. Everything is controlled by buttons on the keyboard.

This year we had a "small" problem.


If you are wondering what happened, it was no one's fault. Somehow the wires got a short circuit and there was some sparks and melted wire and some paper caught fire. A teacher poured her coffee on it. Nobody got hurt, but we thought the battery was dead. Well, Trio liked to say, "To live is also to die." Later, I learned that from my sources (my dad) that the battery was not dead, simply in a coma. One of Trio's arms goes up and down, and his claw opens and closes, both using a stepper motor. The eyes and mouth light up.


Hasta la vista, baby!

My favorite thing to do, other than maybe play on the computer or on the trampoline or in the Foam room is to READ! -- Especially Animorphs, which I am, and I can prove if you click here! (make sure your browser can handle avi files and your modem can handle 1 meg files)

I enjoy blasting Tie fighters into dust, then turning to the dark side and stricking a blow for the galactic Empire.

Here is my latest game:

And for all the Star Wars fans out there... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

These are the rules my dad makes me follow.

Last updated June 9, 1999.