The Other Resume

Tihamer (Tee) Toth-Fejel
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
(313) 662-4741


USA Team Member for World Games, (Mexico City in '78, San Diego in '79)
Third Place, Cerro Pellada International, Managua, Cuba '78
USA Team Member, World University Games in Sofia, Bulgaria, '77
Qualified for Olympic Trials in '72, 76, 80, and 84

Stanford University 1985,86 Palo Alto, California
Assistant Coach

University of Notre Dame, 1981-84 South Bend, Indiana
Head Coach 1984
Graduate Assistant Coach 1981-83

San Jose State University 1978-81 San Jose, California
Assistant Coach

Lehigh University, 1972-78 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Full Scholarship
Undefeated in Varsity competition, Eastern Conference Champion,
NCAA Division I All American (5th place) '76
Assistant Coach 1976-78

Saint Francis High School, 1968-72 Mountain View, California
Varsity, Undefeated in Dual Meet Competition
Champion, Central Coast Conference 1972
Summer Camp Instructor 1971


Lehigh University, '72-78 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Informal Instruction - learned to do Giant, Front Heck, Eagle, Front Summersault, Arial, Iron Cross.

De Anza Junior College, Summers of '73-75 Cupertino, California
Gymnastics Class -- Added to gymnastics skills - Back Handspring, Back Summersault. Gained experience in spotting.

Cupertino Junior High School '66-67, Cupertino, California
Varsity Team Member
Competed in Floor and High Bar

Other Sports

Lehigh University
Judo Club (Brown Belt) and Intramural Badminton

Saint Francis High School -- Marine Fitness Team Nationals (1st in Western USA),
Ju-Jitsu, and Boxing.

Instructional and Lecturing Experience

Ann Arbor Partners for Excellence 1989-94
National Space Society 1988-1996,
Catholic Menís Tuesday Breakfast 1997
Gave Numerous lectures and slide shows on Space, Artificial Intelligence, Molecular Nanotechnology and other technological issues to groups ranging from pre-school to professional organizations.
Northside Science Club '92,93 (sponsored by American Association of University Women) Organized lessons and helped children learn about science by hands-on experimentation.

Other Service Experience

Girl Scout Co-Leader Troop 2083, '92-94
Beginning Experience Co-facilitator '93-94

Other Skills

Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical
Upgraded a two-room primitive cottage to full electrical, water, and drain service with bathroom and kitchen (1984-85)
Put in a basement bathroom 1993-95

Auto Repair
Tune-ups, problem diagnosis, minor and major subsystem repair and replacement, such as:
70 Toyota: Did a valve job on the engine, plus a head gasket replacement on the side of I-80 outside of Big Springs, Nebraska, and timing chain replacement on the side of the same freeway 90 miles from Lovelock, Nevada. Overhauled brakes and replaced water pump and starter (what do you expect from a car that cost $35?).
76 Honda: Replaced transmission, blocked radiator with one scrounged from a wrecked Opal Cadet on the Nebraska/Wyoming border late one Saturday evening. Replaced engine.
80 Mazda: A dealership incorrectly diagnosed a major problem as a $1400 exhaust replacement. After refusing their services, I correctly diagnosed the problem as a leak in the vacuum advance diaphragm ($14). Miscellaneous repairs such as brake overhaul, replaced starter.
84 Jeep CJ-7: Replaced starter, exhaust system.
85 Jeep Cherokee: Replaced water pump, starter, radiator, gas tank, and rear bumper. Diagnosed loose engine grounding wire (a royal pain!)
92 Jeep Cherokee: Nothing yet, despite 88,990 on the odometer. Thank goodness, because those serpentine belts are a royal pain to replace, plus that 5.0 was wedged in with a shoehorn!