Tihamer (Tee) Toth-Fejel

Ann Arbor, Michigan
(313) 741-3431

A Very Different Resume
Anti-Resume (i.e. what's really important)

Sites I try to maintain:
http://www.islandone.org/MMSG Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group
http://www.rc.net/credo Credo
http://www.rc.net/events/breakfast/ Catholic Men's Tuesday Breakfast
http://www.rc.net/org/thyfaith/ Thy Faith
http://www.mlaw.org/ Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch
http://www.trinity1n3.org/ Trinity Music Productions

Sites I've initiated and then transfered to less overwhelmed webmasters:
http://www.hvcn.org/info/a2s2/ Ann Arbor Space Society

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