Policy and Discussion Papers

"You can never defeat a free man. The most that you can do is to kill him." - Robert Anson Hienlein

The Private Road to Space

  • Freedom Needs Frontiers - Jim Davidson (Jan 1995)
  • The Future We Want - Jim Davidson (Jun 1995)
  • A Reply to Rick Tumlinson letter in Space News 9-15 October 1995 - Jim Davidson (Nov 1995)

    SSTO Policy Discussion

  • SSTO: A Spaceship for the Rest of US (1992). This is a National Space Society policy paper written by Allen Sherzer.
  • What's All the Worry About a Crash? (930429). An article that reminds us of the purpose of an X craft: fly it until it breaks.
  • SX-2 Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD) Program (Spring 1993). A white paper by Col. Worden of SDIO.

    Commercial Space Transportation Study

  • Bruce Dunn Comments, July 1994

    One Small Step for a Space Activist... Sherzer and Kyger Column

  • Vol 5 No 10 Nov. 1994. Discussion of NASA SSRT program, X-33 CAN, and DC-XA.

    Lunar Resources Development Act

  • The Lunar Resources Data Purchase Act - 1994 Final Update

    Space Station Policy

  • Change in Space Station Agenda - Space Frontier Foundation Press Release 951108

    US Congress

  • House science panel head outlines goals (Reuters 941214)

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