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The bastards are trying to steal your right to privacy via an international backdoor. Go get 'em!!!
Here is a press release on the what the sneaky SOB's were up to at the G7 meeting. For current information, visit the Global Internet Liberty Coalition home page.

Libertarian Party (USA)

Libertarianism (GLOBAL)

Republican Party (USA)

What can one say about a party whose biggest issue in the 1998 midterm election was their jealousy that the President can get laid and they can't?

If you love freedom, you'll vote against these people. There are some pro-space individuals such as Congressman Gingritch, but his revolution has unfortuneately turned out to be the counter revolution against the Bill Of Rights. Join the protest against the the labours of American Neo-Nazi's like Congressmean Hyde.

You should also read the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.

To put if bluntly, a vote for the Republicans is a vote against liberty. American elections come often and the net has a long memory. This page will tell you who voted against the bill. By implication, if you are in the USA and your congressvermin is not on this list, you should start working to put them out of a job.

An early attempt was made to repeal the CDA. Here is Senator Lehy's Feb 9 statement when he introduced the repeal bill.

The CDA was given a thumbs down in the Philadelphia Federal Court, the decision was appealed to the Supreme Court by the US Injustice Department... and they were put in their place. CDA is gone, but the thought-police are still out there waiting for an unguarded moment or the help of "unwitting fools" and cowards who will act as their fellow travellers. The current push is to filter anyone who doesn't rate their sites. This site will never contain a rating. Ever. So bookmark it now because Lycos and Yahoo are too cowardly to stand up for liberty. Or, alternatively, vote with your feet and use only those search engines that uphold freedom of speech.

Democratic Party (USA)

There isn't much good to say about them either since the worst domestic government atrocity in American history (at least since slavery and indian massacres) has occured on their watch: the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 mostly innnocent men, women and children in Waco Texas. Not even FDR's prison camps for Japanese-Americans comes close.

There is no clause in the US Constitution that metes out the death penalty for being weird and annoying. Quite the contrary, the Bill of Rights explicitely protects those with strange beliefs. One might also imagine that being burned alive would come under the "No cruel and unusual punishment" clause of the US Constitution.

Waco was mass murder by the State, pure, simple and unadulterated. Right, Left, Center or Libertarian you can't call it anything but. One wonders if Ms. Janet Reno dreams of the infants she burned to death.

NOTE: Here is an interesting quote about tape expert Paul Ginsberg from the July 2002 Wired article, "Nixon's Last Secret": "He enhanced surveillance tapes recorded inside the Branch Davidian compound to show that the fire was set from within - not by the surrounding government troops."

As a friend of mine once said (quoting from source I don't remember) "Every joke is a quiet revolution." In that spirit, here is a satire and addendum that unfortuneately ring all too true.

There is also now a very good documentary available from our favorite internet bookstore, laissezfaire.org.: WACO: The Rules of Engagement. It's gotten a thumbs up from both Siskel & Ebert as well as good reviews from the American Spectator and The Village Voice.

"Murder is the sport of the elected" - Sting

Founding Documents (Oceania)

  • The Constitution of Oceania
  • The Law of Oceania

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