League of New Worlds

In 1990, a group of committed explorers founded an organization to commit their time and resources to the personal exploration and colonization of space and the seafloor. The group called themselves the League of the New Worlds. The League has grown into an international organization and offers real hands-on exploration opportunities to its members as well as a world class Space Academy for formal member training. It is recognized by the U.S. Government as a non-profit organization.

The League's founding purpose is to encourage direct, personal experience and involvement by its members in a full spectrum of space and ocean exploration-colonization activities. That hands-on involvement takes the form of opportunities to design space and ocean colonies in whole or in part, to participate in missions (simulated or real) as crew members or as mission directors or in various sub-disciplines from software design to student memberships in the International Space Academy. Certificates of Astronautics, Aquanautics and Mission Commander may be earned from the International Space Academy.

The League operates out of its Cocoa, Florida facilities which offers members full- up simulations in space missions or even real missions in the League's inner-space lander, a fully functional, fully capable underwater lander-habitat.

LNW publishes four scheduled, copyrighted publications annually - both registered by the U.S. Library of Congress. A full-sized journal, the NEW WORLDS EXPLORER is published annually and the NEW WORLDS COLONIST, a newsletter, is published three times per year. These publications represent the only information bases in the world devoted specifically to exploration for the purposes of colonization of the ocean and space frontiers.

The League team has accomplished historically significant explorations, having spent nearly a cumulative man month on the seafloor in full-blown space analog missions. Team members have not only participated in the world's first harvest of an agricultural crop on the ocean floor (a vital requirement for long term space colonization) but developed and deployed unique engineering systems to enhance colony activities.

New members are always welcome in the League, which has a remarkable record of retaining its members year after year. The League family provides new members with a certificate of membership, a users guide and a description of how to connect with League activities. Members are also encouraged to start League chapters in their areas.

For more information, contact: Director, League of the New Worlds, PO Box 542327, Merritt Island, FL. 32954. Internet: league@aol.com. Annual membership dues are $25 (US) or $35 U.S. (international addresses).