Ken Hollis won't be posting any more

From: (Henry Spencer) Subject: Ken Hollis won't be posting any more Message-ID: Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 15:37:41 GMT Organization: U of Toronto Zoology Lines: 54

I got the following from Ken Hollis, with a request that I post it here:

Greetings and Salutations:

This will most likely be my last post to the Internet group until such time as I leave my current company and work for a different company.

Shortly after I posted the most recent manifest and launch pass info, some MSFC (Marshall Space Flight Center) PAO (Public Affairs Office) personnel sent copies of these documents (or parts thereof) to the KSC (Kennedy Space Center) NASA PAO office, questioning whether or not the information in these documents should be publicly distributed. They did not understand that the launch pass and manifest files that I had put together on my own time were my (apparently misguided) attempts to create some enthusiasm about shuttle launches and get information out the Internet. One more small joy in my life gone... (of the very few left...)

After talking to the NASA PAO at KSC, I asked them to make whatever changes / deletions to the documents they liked in order to allay their concerns, and I awaited the changes (and I am still awaiting changes). I was also informed that my disclaimers at the end of the document (i.e., my .sig) were not considered valid--it still "looked" official.

The next contact I received was from the public affairs office in my company who had been contacted by the KSC PAO (subsequent to my conversation with KSC PAO). Bringing this to the attention of my company changed the focus of the problem from an issue of the customer to a company issue. Per my company's management directives, all questions to which I want to respond (whether these are questions posed to me personally or to "the net" at large, and whether on the net or in person) are to be cleared through my company's public affairs office, and I am to exercise good judgment while on *or* off duty in my responses. *ANY* postings from me about the shuttle must first be approved by my manager or supervisor and then by the company public affairs. I agreed to no longer reply to any postings, with my assumption that if I fought them on this, I would have an increased chance of a layoff / job termination.

I was also informed that since MSFC now has access to the Internet, they were "considering" officially answering all questions concerning NASA / shuttle.

My help is not required...

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