Looking for new Space Digest moderator

Date: Fri,  9 Jun 89 11:28:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ted Anderson 
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Subject: Looking for new Space Digest moderator
CC: Space-Request 

I am leaving my job at CMU and will need to hand off the operation of the Space
Digest to someone else.  I've been running the digest for between 9 and 10 years
and through two jobs.  My new job will be much busier and I will no longer be
able to afford the time and attention to run the digest.  This is a call for a
volunteer to be the new moderator.

There are a few practical considerations.  The digest is mostly operated in the
Internet environment, which uses mail for distribution.  The netnews group
sci.space has totally different mechanisms and takes care of itself.  This means
that the moderator will need excellent access to the Internet and good
connections to Usenet, Bitnet, CSNet and other networks' gateways.

The digesting software provides semi-automatic operation and is mostly written
in gnu-emacs.  This is a widely available (free) editor which runs on most Unix
systems.  The current system also contains components to interface with CMU's
Andrew Mail System.  Since I previously ran the digest from a Sun NFS Unix
system, using Berkeley mail software, it shouldn't be too bad to adapt it to
most robust mail systems.  Ironically, the Unix systems on which this software
runs are also those systems which are least likely to use it because of the
availability of sci.space via Usenet.

As far as the time commitment goes I would estimate that you could operate the
digest in about 4 hours per week.  Perhaps someone could get by for less, and it
would be easy to spend more.  Clearly some extra time would be required
initially to get everything set up.  It is possible that the job could be split
among a group of people.  It would depend on what capabilities each brings to
the job but it seems that, archiving (which can take a fair amount of disk
space), mail distribution (which can impose quite a heavy load on the mailer),
and the digestification could be separated.  There are other possibilities.

The Space Magazine, which contains a subset of the submissions to the digest, is
reasonably well integrated into the digesting software and really adds very
little work to the process.  I would hope that this addition could be maintained
and grow with the change in moderators.

Because of my reluctance to make this change, and because the I have been very
busy with the job transition, I have put off sending this note to the last
minute.  Today is my last working day at CMU.  Monday I start at the new company
and will have no network access for at least a week.  After that, I hope to move
quickly to bring a new moderator up to speed.  If there are outages in the next
few weeks you will know why, please bear with me.

If you have some time to devote to maintaining and improving communication
between space enthusiasts here is your opportunity.  I look forward to hearing
from you.

        Ted Anderson