First Report

Date: 20 Jul 1994 04:29:11 GMT
From: George William Herbert 
Subject: Technical difficulties please stand by (,.science)

	There has been a systems crash (large power spike, say those nearby)
involving the computer at International Space University where the moderators
mailbox for the and .science is primarily located and where
the space digest mailing lists are coordinated from.  Mark Maimone is
working hard (yet again) to clear up the problem and get
back online.  In the meantime, if you absolutely need something posted,
email the article to and it will be posted.  The space digest
mailing list will be restored shortly.  Mark reports that at first
examination no messages were lost from the digest, so with luck everythng
will be fine once he gets the machine stable again.

	If this will be an ongoing outage I will post an update tomorrow.

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