Space Digest Returns!

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 92 09:38:15    
From: Space Digest 
Subject: Space Digest V15 #001
To: Space Digest Readers
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Space Digest                Tue, 14 Jul 92       Volume 15 : Issue 001

Today's Topics:
                        Space Digest Returns!

	Welcome to the Space Digest!!  Please send your messages to
	"" (on Internet).  If you are on Bitnet,
	you must use a gateway (e.g., "").
	Please do **NOT** send (un)subscription requests to that
	address!  Instead, send the message "Subscribe Space "
	to one of these addresses: listserv@uga (BITNET), RICE::BOYLE

Date: 14 Jul 92 09:30:00 EST
Subject: Space Digest Returns!

====================	SPACE DIGEST RETURNS!!!!!!    ====================

	Space Digest, an electronic mailing list for all space-related
topics, is back in action!  After several weeks of changing moderators and
fixing dozens of technical problems, everything is finally ready to go.

=======================    WHAT IS SPACE DIGEST?    ======================

	Space Digest is a public forum for discussing all types of
space-related topics.  Email to the digest is collected during the day,
and the condensed collection (sorted by Subject) is distributed at night.
Three to four digests will be mailed on a typical day.

	Technically, Space Digest mirrors the Usenet newsgroup;
all posts made to will appear in Space Digest, and vice versa.  So
if you have access to the newsgroup you do *not* need to subscribe
to Space Digest.

	Space Digest is *UNMODERATED*.  That means nothing and no one will be
censored, so it's up to everybody to observe proper netiquette (e.g., read
the Frequently-Asked-Questions list before posting a common question, and
don't flood the list with lots of email).

========================    HOW DO I USE IT?    ==========================

	Send all your subscription/unsubscription requests to:

		listserv@uga			if you're on BITNET
		RICE::BOYLE			if you're on SPAN (NSInet)
		UTADNX::UTSPAN::RICE::BOYLE	if you're on THENET	if you're on Internet and
						do *not* have access to
						the newsgroup

Whichever address you use, please format your request as follows (using your
own name, of course):

		subscribe space Mark Maimone

Send your contributions to the digest (which *everybody* on the list and in
the newsgroup will have to read) to:		from Internet
		EAST::""	from SPAN (NSInet)	from BITNET

==================    THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!    ==================

	Although we are confident the new configuration will work
eventually, we ask for your patience in the first few days/weeks of
operation.  There are likely to be literally dozens (if not hundreds) of bad
addresses on the mailing list, and we will need time to find them all.  If
you should receive too many (or not enough) copies of the digest, please
send a message to  We will respond as soon as
we are able.

	Finally, a big THANK YOU!! to the folks who helped us make the
transition to our new system:  former moderators Todd Masco and Ted
Anderson, the systems people at Carnegie Mellon, and all the Digest readers
who provided advice (and some code!) for the port.  Space Digest is now
being administered under the auspices of the International Space University,
at their Executive Offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.  The folks
there have donated the use of their hardware, and the time of several staff
and volunteer workers, for this project.  The principal maintainers at this
time are Steve Abrams ( and Mark Maimone (,
but please send all maintenance requests to the SPACE-REQUEST@ISU.ISUNET.EDU

=======================    NOTES FOR OLD-TIMERS    ======================

	The most recent past issue was V14 #1087.  We begin volume 15 with
this announcement.

	The old addresses, and, will continue to function for a while, but we
ask that you please update your address lists to SPACE@ISU.ISUNET.EDU and

	The Space Magazine is no longer available.  Perhaps in the future
someone will volunteer to moderate it, but for the moment no one is available.

	Some past volumes, and all future ones, will be available by
anonymous-ftp on (, in directory
/usr/anon/pub/space.  If you don't have access to the FTP program, you can
use an email-based FTP server.  For information, send the message "help" to if your account is on Internet; on Bitnet, use

	The listserv at UGA also provides some retrieval and searching
facilities.  Send the message "help" to listserv@uga.bitnet for more details
(Space Digest is known as "space" on that listserv).


End of Space Digest Volume 15 : Issue 001