The First message

22-Nov-80  0009 OTA     First message 
To:   "@SPACE.DIS[1,OTA]" at SU-AI    
This is the first message on the SPACE mailing list.  If you have a questions,
complaints, requests or whatever direct them to me (OTA@SAIL).  Judging from
the messages directed to mostly to ENERGY this list is like to deal with space
colonization and exploration.  Though the topics will hardly be constrained.

Due to various problems with using ITS as a hub for this mailing list I am
going to try to coordinate it from SAIL.  Please continue to send contributions
to this list to SPACE@MC from there it will be collected in a file at SAIL for
once per day distribution at about 5AM PST.  Hopefully this scheme will minimize
the load for all concerned and the batch nature of the list will not cramp the
discussion much.

Ted Anderson (OTA@SAIL)