The SPACE Digest -- an explanation

Date: 18 Feb 90 21:29:28 GMT
From:  (Todd L. Masco)
Subject: The SPACE Digest -- an explanation

This time, I'll post here, rather than emailing to individuals.  My
apologies to readers of who aren't interested in these
"overhead" details.

The newsgroup is distributed along with the other USENET
groups, passed from host to host, along "USENET feeds."  Without a
mail redistribution of some sort, direct connections to those sites
are the only means by which those groups can be read.

There is an extremely large number of sites that can be reached by
mail that cannot get a direct feed, the majority of which can be
reached by mail along the internet or the BITNet  (For the purposes of
this explanation, just consider them two different networks along
which mail can be sent;  It's really a little more complicated than
that, though).

The SPACE Digest exists primarily to serve those who can receive mail
but do not get a USENET feed (strangely enough, many of these sites
are with NASA).

A newsfeed at the University of California at Berkeley sends new
messages from the newsgroup to, the site from
which the Digest is sent.

Mail to space+@andrew goes two places: to UCB to be posted, and to the
same directory to which incoming message go.  Every night,
the digest is put together from those messages.  It's then sent out to

All subscription requests should go to;
Mail to space+ goes straight to the newsgroup, and
subscription requests are generally not welcome there (I'm working on
a way to filter these out; It's not trivial, with the way the digest
is written).

I took over the Digest about half-way through the last summer; Before
then, it was run by Ted Anderson, the author of the digest code.

Past issues of both the Digest and Marc Ringuette's space-tech list
are available by anonymous ftp from the directory 'space', the SPACE
archives, at (one 's' in expres). There is also a
directory called 'inbox' to which anonymous ftp has write access.
Please feel free to drop anything related to the space effort there;
I'll probably post another message to the newsgroup, requesting
entries for the archives. 

Hope this has been helpful;  Please email any further questions to me
( or to

		-- Todd Masco
		   Moderator, SPACE Digest