Todd Masco Replacement Search

Date: 31 Jul 91 18:51:00 EST
From: Todd Masco 
Subject: IMPORTANT: Administrivia Note

Hello, all.  Several points that I want inform y'all about:

	Firstly (no particylar order to these), I'm going on vacation
in a few days.  The Digest and the Magazine will be set on automatic,
so if something fails -- we lose.  I will be logging in occasionally
from Boston, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to fix any
problems that crop up.  For the Digest, this hopefully means very
little.  For the magazine, this means that no news magazines will go
out over this two week period. In any case, I will be unable to
process subscription and unsubscription requests during this period.

	Secondly, the Digest has caught up on its old backlog and
should now be experiencing at most a one or two day delay between the
posting of messages to  The bug in the AMS/Ultrix
interaction that was causing many people to never get digests has bene
fixed.  Sporadic receipt of the digest should be reported to me ASAP,

	Thirdly, at the request of the maintainer of an automatic
de-digestifier, I will now start putting administrivia notes in the
standard Digest format.  This way, automatic undigestifying software
won't break.  Comments on this to me, please.

	Fourthly, and likely most importantly for the most people, the 
USENET group just spawned a new newsgroup,  The intention behind this group is to get the
political chatter off of (and, consequently, the SPACE
Digest).  This will make my job a bit easier, as I will have fewer
flamewars to try to catch -- perhaps I can drop the moderation business
altogether.  In any event, I don't have any plans to include in the Digest.
	The practical outcome of this is that bickering about politics
through the Digest is discouraged.  If there is an overwhelming flood
of requests, I would probably be willing to set up a third
publication for only -- or, at least give someone
the software for a similar setup.

	Fifthly, I'm still looking for somebody on the CMU campus to
take over the Digest and Magazine, hopefully someone with a
UNIX or Andrew/AMS workstation of their own.  I'll be leaving sometime
around March (I finally get my physics degree in December), and would
like to pass the digest off to someone who can use the software I
already have.  Let me know ASAP if you're interested, please!

	Lastly, we finally have another anonymous ftp site appearing.
The machine is named "" or
"" and its ip address is
This should be coming up sometime tomorrow or friday.  The space is
allocated on our file servers, and the correct administrative people
know what's going on: we just need to configure the workstation with
its own "package" file so that it'll be able to have anonymous ftp.

That's all!  As always, comments, questions, or flames are welcome, to
either or  Thanks!

		-- Todd Masco
		   Maintainer/Moderator SPACE Digest/Magazine
		   and general physics grunt