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======================      LOST in SPACE DIGEST     ======================

	Space Digest, an electronic mailing list for all space-related
topics, is about to be revitalized!  Formerly a single mailing list with
dozens of messages each day, it has now been split into smaller and more
managable pieces (following the corresponding breakup of the Usenet

	Abbreviation	Full Name		Status
	space		Space Tech digest	[moderated]
	spacesci	Space Science digest	[moderated]
	spacenws	Space News digest	[moderated, no posting]
	space-sh	Space Shuttle digest
	spacepol	Space Policy digest

Here is a short description of each new digest.

	SPACE:     Space Tech digest ( newsgroup)
		   Technology and general issues related to space flight.
		   (Moderated) **note** This digest is completely different
		   from the space-tech-digest run by Marc Ringuette.

	SPACESCI:  Space Science digest ( newsgroup)
		   Planetary science, space-based astronomy, and other
		   space science. (Moderated)

	SPACENWS:  Space News digest ( newsgroup)
		   Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated)

	SPACE-SH:  Space Shuttle digest ( newsgroup)
		   The space shuttle and the STS program.

	SPACEPOL:  Space Policy digest ( newsgroup)
		   Discussions about political, economic, and policy
		   aspects of spaceflight.

======================     SUBSCRIBING TO DIGESTS    ======================

You may subscribe to any number of these digests, or sign off at any time by
using the *automated* subscription service at:		[on the Internet]
	or		[on the Internet]
	or	listserv@uga			[on BITNET]

	[No matter whether you send to or,
	 the reply will come from  The
	 "" address is provided simply as a
	 convenience, so you won't have to remember one computer for
	 submissions and a different one for subscriptions.]

To subscribe, send a message (using the *abbreviation*) that looks like:

	e.g.,	subscribe space-sh John Q. Doe

To sign off, send a message that looks like:

	e.g.,	signoff spacesci

Make sure you put your request in the *BODY* of your message, not in the
subject.  And please make sure your message goes to the Automated ListServ, , *NOT* to any of the individual lists.  Tens of
thousands of people do not want to read your subscription request!

	The ListServ actually provides many automated features.  Send the
commands "HELP" and "INFO GENINTRO" (one per line, without quotes) to the
ListServ address for more details.

======================      SUBMITTING MESSAGES      ======================

	If you want to submit messages to any of the mailing lists (and
Usenet newsgroups), please use the following addresses on ISU.ISUNET.EDU:

	To submit to:		Send email to:
	--------------------	-------------------------------------

You may also use the 5 or 8 character abbreviation, but make *sure* you send
your message to ISU.ISUNET.EDU, not the uga machine.  For example,
both and will accept
messages intended for the Space Policy digest, but
will *NOT*.

======================       GENERAL QUESTIONS       ======================

Q: What happened to the old Space Digest?

	A: The old Space Digest (and its Usenet counterpart, grew
	   to be so large it became impossible to keep up with everything.
	   A vote was taken, and people decided to split it up into smaller
	   groups.  You may choose to read any number of these smaller
	   groups.  The new Space Tech digest will take on the name of the
	   old Space Digest.

Q: If I was subscribed to Space Digest, what will I get now?

	A: All of the old Space Digest subscribers will now receive the
	   Space Tech digest.  If you want to receive more than just that,
	   please send a subscription request to the automated ListServ.

Q: I've seen the same message appear several times.  Is the system broken?

	A: Possibly, but more likely the same message was "cross-posted" to
	   several mailing lists.  For example, if you subscribe to both
	   Space Policy and Space Shuttle, and someone posts a message to
	   both, you will see the message once in the Space Policy digest
	   and once in the Space Shuttle digest.  We highly discourage
	   people from cross-posting!

Q: I submitted a message but it never showed up.  What happened?

	A: You probably sent it to the wrong place; make sure when you
	   submit messages you do it through the ISU.ISUNET.EDU computer,
	   *not* the uga computer.

Q: I submitted a message to Space Tech/Space Science on ISU.ISUNET.EDU but
it never showed up.  What happened?

	A: Space Tech and Space Science are *moderated*, and the current
	   moderator decided not to publish your message in that list.  You
	   will find it instead in the Space Policy digest (which is *not*
	   moderated); that is where all rejected submissions eventually go.

Q: I submitted a message to Space News on ISU.ISUNET.EDU but it never showed
up.  What happened?

	A: The Space News digest does not accept incoming messages.  Please
	   use one of the other digests instead.

Q: What's with all the UGA / ISU.ISUNET.EDU stuff?

	A: UGA has an industrial-strength listserv, which can better handle
	   the volume of subscription and signoff requests.  However,
	   ISU.ISUNET.EDU is better equipped to manage the Usenet / email
	   interface.  Perhaps one day ISU.ISUNET.EDU will be able to handle
	   everything, but until then thanks for your patience!

Q: I've been away for a while; how can I look at recent articles I've missed?

	A: The List Server at UGA has *many* features to help you.  Send the
	   commands "HELP" and "INFO GENINTRO" (one per line, without
	   quotes) to the ListServ address for more details.  The ListServ
	   address is: .

	   For instance, if you want to get a list of everything in the
	   Space Science archive send this message to the ListServ:

		index spacesci

	   To continue this example, suppose you decide to get a copy of
	   the Space Science digest, volume 1 number 3.  Read through the
	   index for the proper "filetype" (which has *nothing* to do with
	   the volume number; for this example it's 94-00002), and send a
	   message like this:

		get spacesci 94-00002

	   Soon you'll have the complete issue in your mailbox!

Q: Is there an FTP interface to the archive?

	A: Yes.  For issues more than a year old, check Dale Amon's archive
	   on in directory /pub/SpaceDigestArchive .
	   For current issues you can try in directory
	   /pub/space (there will be at least five subdirectories, one for
	   each digest).  But we've had some trouble with the
	   archive, you may find it easier to use the ListServ.

======================   BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO   ======================

	As with any major change, some problems are inevitable.  Please be
patient during these first few weeks of operation (in June 1994).  If there
is an emergency, or if problems should remain for more than a few days, then
and *only* then please send email to with the
details of the problem.

======================     THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED    ======================

	Lots of folks were involved in this reorganization.  Special thanks
go to George Herbert ( for managing the gory details of the
split and for moderating two of the resulting newsgroups.  The newsfeed is
provided by Carnegie Mellon University, digest and archive software by the
International Space University, and listserv subscription and archiving
resources by Harold Pritchett of the University of Georgia.  The Space News
digest is moderated by Ron Baalke (, historic
Space Digest archives are maintained by Dale Amon
(, and interim message routing software has
been selflessly provided by Rich Schroeppel (  Thanks
also to the many other folks (hi Bill!) who've contributed hints,
suggestions, and (not so) gentle reminders about the reorganization.

	Looking forward to many hour^H^H^H^Hyears of uninterrupted service,
we remain:

		Your faithful procrasti^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmaintainers

		Alwin Bliek (
		Mark Maimone (


P.S.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you decide you must communicate with a
person (rather than the automated listserv), write to:

*before* you write directly to an individual.  Individuals take vacations,
get sick, and get busy, so you're much more likely to reach someone quickly
using this address.