RESULT: reorganization passes

Date: 7 Dec 1993 15:52:49 -0500
From: Jay Maynard 
Subject: RESULT: reorganization passes
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,,,,rec.aviation.misc,sci.geo.geology,sci.geo.meteorology,alt.sci.planetary,sci.astro,sci.astro.planetarium,

Reorganization of
a) remove, replace with:          moderated
b) newgroup       moderated
c) rename to: reorganization results - 480 valid votes

 Yes   No : 2/3? >100? : Pass? : Group
---- ---- : ---- ----- : ----- : -------------------------------------------
 413   64 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :
 412   63 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :
 399   66 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :

   6 invalid votes

All of these margins are adequate for newgroup creation. Barring serious
controversy about the vote, the groups will be created five days after
this is posted, and and will be removed three
months after that.

Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, 2 December 1993.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  

Vote-taker's address: 
Group proponent's address:

Newsgroups lines:          Technical and general issues related to space flight.       Space and planetary science and related technical work.        Discussions about space policy.

CHARTER (as printed in the Call for Votes)

This is a reorganization of the Usenet space-related newsgroups. It includes
splitting, renaming of, and drawing
alt.sci.planetary in as an official sci group (part of 
The original group will be removed as part of the first vote
(rmgroup, newgroup  The existing newsgroups and are unaffected by this reorganization. (moderated, moderator George William Herbert)
        Technical issues and directly related policy issues on all 
        aspects of space flight; space launch vehicles present, past,
        proposed, and propulsion (including poorly or undeveloped 
        methods such as ion, solar sail, laser-sail, antimatter,
        etc); space station design, engineering, operations, and goals;
        and any other types of spacecraft technology, engineering,
        operations, and related topics.  Technical issues involved in
        developing space resources, colonization of space, etc.
        Technical, costing, and directly related policy decisions
        will also be appropriate.  Questions about space technology,
        operations, engineering, etc. are all appropriate, at any level. (moderated, moderators gwh and Steve Willner)
        For discussing planetary and non-planetary space science;
        including technical issues in planetary science, planetary
        science space missions, techniques, goals, and information
        about the planets themselves, space astronomy, physics,
        space science in general, stellar science (ours and others), etc.
        Questions about space science, the planets, etc.
        The primary emphasis is on doing science in or about space;
        sci.astro remains the appropriate group for astronomy per se. (unmoderated)
        Policy issues not directly related to technical issues in
        any space field, including government policies, budget priorities,
        mission type priorities, goals of space programs, the role of
        governments and space agencies in developing space, etc.
        Any discussions on technical issues where person feel
        the moderated groups are not giving full range of expression
        are also appropriate.

The moderated groups shall have a policy of merely redirecting
to .policy rather than outright rejecting inappropriate articles.
The moderators may contact the poster and ask them if they would
prefer to rewrite a borderline article rather than simply redirect
it, at their discretion, but the author may insist on having the
article posted as-is to  

All three groups will be gatewayed to the Space Digest mailing list,
as is now.  

As mentioned in the charters, and are both
moderated. The primary moderator for both groups is George William Herbert, The secondary moderator for is Steve

Actual moderation address is to be determined. Work is in progress on setting
up a moderation software assistance installation, so the address to mail
postings to will be announced in the postings creating the groups. reorganization Final Vote Ack

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ECAXRON@ARIEL.LERC.NASA.GOV                                     Ron Graham YYN                                    Ron Wail YYY                                  Eric Goldstein YYY                                     Eric G. Stratton NNN                               erik seielstad YY-                              Alex Esser YYY                                     Ethan Bradford YYY                                    Mark Slater YYY
eto@seti                                                   Edward T. Olsen YYY                      Fernando Garcia-Maura YYN                                      Fred Griffin YYY                               Gwyn F. Fireman YNY                              Robert Fisher YYY                                    Burns Fisher YYY                                              Frank Mayhar YYY
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hcserv!                       Steve Stringfellow  NYY                                      Helge Nareid YYY                                        Henry Spencer YYY
hevans@estwm0.DNET.ESTEC.ESA.NL                            Hugh D.R. Evans YYY                                     Howard Huang YYY
HIGGINS@FNALV.FNAL.GOV                                  William S. Higgins YYY                                               Hugh Conner YY-                                           Sam Ho YYY                                                      John Hogg YYY                                         Eric M. Jones YYY                                       Gary Hoogeveen YYY                                     Paul Hounsell YYY                                       Harry Bloomberg YYY                             Haraldur Pall Gunnlaugsson YYY                                   Herman Rubin NNN                                            Dave Huff YNY                                                  Hugh Murray YYY                                                     Henry Troup YYY                                   Ian C Taylor YY-
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jfoust@MIT.EDU                                                  Jeff Foust YYY                                                     John Woods YYY                          James Thomas Green YYY                                           Jerry Han YYY                                  Jonathan M. Hops YYY                                                Julian Rose YYY                                              Jim Bowery NNN
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ksarff@GS34.SP.CS.CMU.EDU                   Kent Sarff ( YYY                                 K. Scott Hunziker YYY                             Kurt Fitzner YYY                                          Kevin Waite YYN
L15D@ZFN.UNI-BREMEN.DE                                    Martin Schr"oder YYY                Geoffrey A. Landis YYY                                    Kurt Lane YYY
lar@vnet.IBM.COM                                           Larry Pieniazek YYY                                     Larry Reeves NNY                                          Lars W. Holm YYY                                                 Alan Larson NNY                                   Robert E.Larson YYY                                              John Lauger NNN                              John F. Larwence YYY                               Lee M.Thompson-Herbert YYY                                                 Jon Leech YYY                                            Lehane Kellett YYY                                         Lee W. Pratt YYY
lemoine@orbit.Colorado.EDU        F. G. Lemoine NNN                                       Larry Rosenman YYY                              Hans-Olof Hansson YYY                          Hans-Joachim von der YYY                       Russell Lindgren YYY                                     Craig Lindley YYY                                             Murray J. Linton YYY                           Dr. Lutz Massonne YYY                           Len Struttmann YYY                                                      Lon Jones NNN                            Victor E Aldridge III NNN                                      Douglas R. Loss YYY                                               Larry Wall YYY                                                          YYY
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med@r2d2.EEAP.CWRU.Edu                                        Mark Dohring YYY                                    Simon Mentha YYY           Tom Meyer, YYY                                    Michael Friedman NNY                                   Michael K. Heney NNN                        Michael Quinn. YYY                                                  Mike Wexler YYY                                 Bradford W. Miller YYY                              Simon K. Milton YYY                              Mark L. Littlefield NNN
mmoran@Arco.COM                                                 Mike Moran YYY
mmt@RedBrick.COM                                      Maxime Taksar KC6ZPS NNN                                             Michael Nowak YYY                                            Peter Monta YYY
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morris@INTELLICORP.COM                                         Paul Morris YYY                                Kathy Pedelty YYY                              Mark Perew YYN                                             M.T.Pope YY-                                        Mark Chartrand YYY                               Michael Sawyer YYY                                                     Mark Brader YYN                                         Mike Thornburg NNN                                   Marc A. Murison YYY
mx%eelizondo@kirk"    Edward Elizondo