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Welcome to my home page. If you want to know more about me, you can start with a short bio or you can check out my Resume/CV. Which you call it depends on what country you happen to be reading from.

I also have a page at my old home at CMU SCS but those pages exist mainly to point people to this page.

I've moved some former elements of my plan file to here - times change. So here is my old manifesto on The Information Revolution; my favorite quotes including a few of my own; and most importantly my public keys for PGP 2.6.1 and PGP 2.2. If you think strong encryption should not spread into everyone's hands and should be somehow regulated and controlled by the State, then we probably have nothing at all in common -- and I'm afraid I'll have to consider you a sworn enemy. There are some things I get really bent out of shape about, and this happens to be one of them. Censorship, in any form whatever is one of the others. Above all I have a deep and abiding love of liberty. Please take a quick side trip and find out what a truly free nation would (and possibly will) be like.

If by chance you are naive enough to believe government is by and for the good of the people, I suggest you consider Waco.

I do quite a lot of voluntary work on things that I feel are important. Among these are The Belfast Songwriters's Session which I chair and which has a session on the last Tuesday of every month; The Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group Chapter of the National Space Society whose board I serve on; and my own libertarian international space policy organization, The Island One Society.

If you are in Ireland and interested in the Artemis Moonbase project, I am the "local" contact for the Artemis Society International.

Over the years I have written a number of pieces on the technology trends and their impact on our world. Here are a few of them:

I've done a few papers as well

If you happen to be a surfer who is just passing through, you might try looking at this list of URL's that I find interesting.


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Censors are criminals of the worst sort. They are weak, fearful and righteous... and they should be shunned, castigated and treated as fair game by all netizens. Give no respect where no respect is due.